UPSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF



Literature Subjects

Assamese Literature Paper – I 
Assamese Literature Paper – II 
Bengali Literature Paper – I 
Bengali Literature Paper – II 
English Literature Paper – I 
English Literature Paper – II 
Gujarati Literature Paper – I
Gujarati Literature Paper – II 
Hindi Literature Paper – I 
Hindi Literature Paper – II 
Kannada Literature Paper – I 
Kannada Literature Paper – II 
Maithili Literature Paper – I 
Maithili Literature Paper – II 
Malayalam Literature Paper – I 
Malayalam Literature Paper – II 
Manipuri Literature Paper – I 
Manipuri Literature Paper – II 
Marathi Literature Paper – I 
Marathi Literature Paper – II 
Oriya Literature Paper – I 
Oriya Literature Paper – II 
Punjabi Literature Paper – I 
Punjabi Literature Paper – II 
Sanskrit Literature Paper – I 
Sanskrit Literature Paper – II 
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – I 
Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – II 
Tamil Literature Paper – I 
Tamil Literature Paper – II 
Telugu Literature Paper – I 
Telugu Literature Paper – II 
Urdu Literature Paper – II 
Urdu Literature Paper – II

Optional Subjects

Agriculture Paper – I 
Agriculture Paper – II 
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – I 
Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – II 
Anthropology Paper – I 
Anthropology Paper – II 
Botany Paper – I 
Botany Paper – II 
Chemistry Paper – I 
Chemistry Paper – II 
Civil Engineering Paper – I 
Civil Engineering Paper – II 
Commerce and Accountancy Paper – I 
Commerce and Accountancy Paper – II 
Economics Paper – I 
Economics Paper – II 
Electrical Engineering Paper – I 
Electrical Engineering Paper – II 
Geography Paper – I 
Geography Paper – II 
Geology Paper – I 
Geology Paper – II 
History Paper – I 
History Paper – II
Law Paper – I
Law Paper – II 
Management Paper – I 
Management Paper – II 
Mathematics Paper – I 
Mathematics Paper – II 
Mechanical Engineering Paper – I 
Mechanical Engineering Paper – II 
Medical Science Paper – I 
Medical Science Paper – II 
Philosophy Paper – I 
Philosophy Paper – II 
Physics Paper – I 
Physics Paper – II 
Political Science and IR Paper – I 
Political Science and IR Paper – II 
Psychology Paper – I 
Psychology Paper – II 
Public Administration Paper – I 
Public Administration Paper – II 
Sociology Paper – I 
Sociology Paper – II 
Statistics Paper – I 
Statistics Paper – II 
Zoology Paper – I 
Zoology Paper – II

Compulsory Subjects

English Compulsory 
Assamese Compulsory 
Bengali Compulsory 
Dogri Compulsory 
Gujarati Compulsory 
Hindi Compulsory 
Kannada Compulsory 
Maithili Compulsory 
Malayalam Compulsory 
Marathi Compulsory 
Nepali Compulsory 
Oriya Compulsory 
Punjabi Compulsory 
Sanskrit Compulsory 
Sindhi Compulsory
Dev Tamil Compulsory 
Telugu Compulsory 
Urdu Compulsory

General Studies

General Studies Paper – I
General Studies Paper – II
General Studies Paper – II
General Studies Paper – IV

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